{Accessories} PHILIPS Sync and Charge FlexAdapt Cable black model: DLC2407BLK17


PHILIPS sync and charge with FlexAdapt cable Model:DLC2407BLK17 P1,199 ($ 29.06)
4/L Cyberzone, SM Megamall Bldg.B,
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Beside Lenovo and Lyric
Tel. no.: (632) 633-7452 / 633-7454
Fax no.: (632) 633-7438
Text line: (+63917) 512-9669
Operating Hours:
Mon to Thurs: 10 am to 9 pm
Fri to Sat 10 am to 10 pm
Sun: 10 am to 9 pm
April 6, 2013 (Saturday)

UPDATED on July 4, 2013 after only 3 months, currently it’s not charging

on August 2, 2013 I picked up the new CHARGER which yhey replaced because it’s no longer working.


I bought my iPhone 4s on March 2012 and I’ve been using it ever since for 12-15 hrs a day. And we all know iPhone battery sucks and it drains after power using for 4hrs straight. So you get to use your charger 4-5 times a day. So, it’s original charger doesn’t charged normally anymore. You have to adjust it’s charging style for it to work. I found this problem
around December of 2012. I just got lucky I had my SAMSUNG S3 in January 2013 as a birthday gift. [maybe I will have a separate blog regarding the overheating problem of S3].

So, I decided to buy a charger for my 4s. I first quoted different accessories stores before I bought Philips. So far, I love its stability because you can also use this charger as a stand. I, who frequently use facetime gave me a support for longer hours of video calls.

What’s good about it, was it has the same range of price with apple’s regular charger.

I know its a bit pricey buying accessories and gadgets here in the Philippines due to tax. But I would rather buy here for warranty purposes or pay more once it’s broken. Power connector not included.

Warranty: 6 months under Power Mac Center and 1 year under Philips.


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