CHOWKING: Family Chinese Fried Chicken Set C (San Mateo, Rizal 2013)


General Luna Ave.,
Guitnang Bayan,
San Mateo, Rizal
DELIVERY Hotline: 702-8888
April 12, 2013 (Friday)

After my solo dinner at JOLLIBEE just nearby from
chowking. I’ve decided to buy my fam dinner from CHOWKING. Bought a Family Chinese Fried Chicken Set C with 5 pcs. Chinese Style Fried Chicken, Chopseuy, 3 plain rice, Pancit Canton and 3 regular drinks for P399 ($9.67)

5 pcs. CHINESE STYLE FRIED CHICKEN big in size compare to KFC’s, Mc Donald’s, and Jollibee’s, I love the unique spices they put over the skin of the chicken very different from floury taste of others, did I say big? Oh yeah! Hahaha


PANCIT CANTON my mama’s favorite


CHOP SUEY I felt tricked when I saw the small portion they served me.

But, what Chowking gives its customers is it’s very tasty meals.




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