THE ZONE or ‘Z’ COMPOUND in Malingap Street and Maginhawa Street “failed” FOODTRIP


THE ZONE or ‘Z’ COMPOUND in Malingap Street AND Maginhawa Street “failed” FOODTRIP
The Zone ‘Z’ Compound
33A Malingap Street,
Teacher’s Village, Quezon City
October 30, 2014 Thursday

1) ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Why didn’t I called or checked your account first. 😆 #mymistake


Arrived at the Z compound at around 6PM. Asked around where’s the resto, bam closed! I was flabbergasted. I was hard on myself for not thinking ahead of time. I was too excited to eat an affordable PHO 129, PAD THAI P109 & Fresh Spring Rolls 89! Now, we were left with out-of-our-budget meals and unhealthy choices.

5 stars for knowing that there’s a Viet-Thai resto that offers affordable cuisine. Please do not increase your price. xoxo 😁

TIA! 😊

Will try to visit again soon! 😋

2) HIJO D’ PITA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


When we found out that the resto we’re supposed to dine in was closed. It’s hard to decide where to eat if you’re focused on that spefic resto only.

Cousin suggested to try here. I know she’s kinda dissapointed cuz I didn’t checked if the resto’s open. Cuz you want to save your bucks on a budget friendly food joint. (Sigh..) Mas napamahal pa tuloy ako that night.

Ordered the set meal: chicken pita (i think beef is better) + chuppa cabbra (#MUSTTRY!) + iced tea

We shared it cuz I have plans of ordering from different food joints in Z Compound, but, HALF of this meal was sooo bitin for me. Kc ang sarap! hahahaha

Set Meal is best for One Person only! hehehe

They have friendly crew and their store from outside was well-lit. Dame lang ngayon mga bata na umiikot sa Z compound lapet na kc xmas.




BIG ZERO, 0 Star ⭐️ for service

waited more than 30mins for order to be served. (No line when I ordered). then you’ll find out that it was left on the side and they served it not warm.

(I followed up every 5 minutes thinking why it took so long) they kept saying they’re effin preparing it.

They ruined my meal!

4) HEALTH BREAK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Refreshing Mango Chicken Salad P110 from Health Break. A “break” from all the oily & heavy food around the Z Compound. It took sometime to prepare the salad but once you start to eat this lovely salad for sure you can’t stop munching. I can order 2 of this!



5) DORISSIMO PASTRIES (Maginhawa Street) ⭐️⭐️⭐️

122 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village East 1101 Quezon City
387-7343; 433-2463; (02) 624-0884; 0917-8484933



I’m sorry DORISSIMO, my love for Brazo De Mercedes comes from the store-next-door #SANCHO Churreria.

It was actually my mistake when I entered the store. It was supposed to be in SANCHO but I entered the wrong door. (my 3rd kamalasan that night).

(Our failed Z compound made me hungry that night, focus almost zero! and my couzin decided we walk from the Z compound to The Icecreamist).

This store has 2 choices for Brazo De Mercedes The 1 I bought was the one with coconut sprinkles P250.00. The other one has muscovado glazing. I just wish they have another choice, the classic one. (No Sprinkles No Glazing).

When I got home, I hurriedly informed my family of my booboo! We still remember how good SANCHO’s Brazo cake. 😓

They all commented that they do not like the coconut sprinkles. Nagbago yung lasa ng cake and ingat sa mga oldies pwede silang mabilaukan.

But they have a lovely staff at the counter. Pambawi ko. ☺️

Coming from Philcoa, we ride a red tricycle going to Malingap street for P9/head. The ‘Z’ Compound is at the right side after you see DON DAY restaurant.





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