Boracay (2010) Summer Activities, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines (April 2010)

It was summer time! My former company’s first Summer Outing (by plane). We were transported to the One of the Top Beaches in Asia, Boracay!

I have selected a few activities you may want to explore while your in the island.
1) Island Hopping (Boat Trips) with Snorkeling – what i may suggest is you try to hear the boat operators first on how much they’re offering you and compare it with others for cheaper deals.
2) Cliff Diving @ – this became one of the top activities in boracay. I have no affiliate with them but you may check their websites for details.
3) Scuba Diving
4) Paraw Sailing
5) Waterskiing, Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat and Parasailing
6) Helmet Dive – you have an option to video your journey at the bottom of the sea and have a souveneir photos.

Or, you may check this site for the complete list of activities:
(this is just a reference on your prefered Boracay activities, the author is not affiliated with the said website)








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