Getting Ready for my Travel (June 2012)

San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines (3:10PM)

By the way Miami Heat just won the NBA Championshionship so I took a little time today to browse my facebook to check on fans’ and also their haters’ posts & comments. This championship put a cherry on top of our travel because im gonna be elated the whole trip!

Ok, it’s June 22nd. A day before our flight for Hanoi tomorrow night. I had a 2-month preparation and had all the time in the world but i still have 10% left to prepare. Why? I just dont like preparing ahead of time! Haha

Here are my few essentials or let just say things i needed for our 11-day Hanoi Trip. Not included there are my ‘Kikay Kit’ or my Make up kit. 🙂


My stroller bag for my clothes


Few dollars & pesos for the trip. I’ll bring my ATM because I know I’m gonna need extra bucks! If ever my dollar runs out,I’ll buy a few to my friend who works in vietnam.


My e-tronics. I heard a lot about motorcycle-snatching thieves from blogs & forums but I need my SLR to capture my travel moments.
If they’re smart, i’m smarter! Haha 🙂


I’ll also bring biscuits, crackers, nata de coco jelly, & noodles. Why, if you have a stomach like me, you never want to get iritated during your trip. In short, i get hungry-all the time! 😉


I’m using an iPhone4s for my blogs so forgive me, i just started yesterday.

Celebration tonight! Ha,ha! Congrats Coach Spoelstra, another Fil-Am to be proud of.

Blog done at 3:45pm.


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for my Travel (June 2012)

    1. I make it a point that I don’t forget to bring the essentials. I know it will be difficult to look for a grocery store if you are not familiar with the streets. So i prepared ahead of time and will bring with me what I needed for the trip.

      Thank you!

  1. hello @ALana – sorry for the late approval of the comment. all comments went to my spam area and just checked it just few hours ago. THank you for having the time to visit my blog. wishing for your support in my future blogs. Thanks again.

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