What Not To Order When in HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport 2013)

My friend's flight was earlier than mine, so we decided to stay there so we could share the taxi bill instead of the hassle of MTR because of my 20kg baggage plus 7kg hand carry


Website: Dining

Mc Donald's

McDonald’s: Website

Terminal 1
Departures East Hall,
Level 7
Restricted Area 00:00 – 24:00
2261 2426

Terminal 1
Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall,
Level 5
Non-restricted Area 00:00 – 24:00
2261 0426

I hate my chicken pasta soup, it was a bit hard, I only liked the broth. Will not order any McDonald’s in a Chinese Cuisine country again.

EVB Supreme Breakfast with Coke HK$29.60 and EVB Chicken Pasta Soup with Premium Coffee HK$29.60
HK$59.20 x (5.11)

Popeyes: Website

Terminal 1
Departures Check-in Hall,
Level 7
Non-restricted Area
06:00 – 23:00
3118 1334

I wanted to walk around the airport, but, I’m limited to certain areas where I can leave my stroller without supervision. I know it is very safe in HKIA but I wanted to be wary of things. I ended up here at Popeyes. There’s an area where you can leave your stroller and it’s near the washroom.

Popeye's: 6 pcs. Wing Combo HK$57 (too much breading, heavy on the stomach, chicken, fries and coleslaw were just ok)

Chatime: Website

Terminal 1
Departures Check-in Hall
Level 7
Non-restricted Area
07:00 – 23:00
3920 4141

Gong Cha and Chatime failed the taste tests in Hong Kong. Ask for 100% sugar  for sweetness 🙂

Chatime Japanese Matcha Tea Latte HK$21, Big Pearl HK$3 (latte has a bitter after taste, I love the big pearls)

Starbucks: Website

Sausage Roll HK$21 (wanted to use all my HK coins before my flight back home in Manila)



I promise you, you will not get dissapointed, close to authentic chinese flavour, and cheap meals with free drinks but will not fail you in any way possible.


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