Thank You! HANABISHI Home Appliances Philippines (January 2014)



It started from a blog comment from Mr. Ronn Villanueva of HANABISHI Home Appliances Philippines.


Informing me that I will be receiving a FREE GIFT, A NEW MICROWAVE OVEN due to hassle I experienced from my first Hanabishi Microwave Oven. I was puzzled at first if the comment was a HOAX, so I immediately searched Hanabishi contact number via google and called their office. The person on the other line confirmed that Mr. Villanueva is from their Marketing Department and she also gave me the same mobile number posted in the comment. Confirmed!


After calling their office number, I sent Mr. Villanueva an email that afternoon, then immediately received a reply. Started to appreciate their extended customer service even if I experienced the microwave oven hassles, two years ago.


Through constant communication via emails and text messages, they promised for the FREE MERCHANDISED to be delivered in a week’s time.

True to their promise, I was awakened by my grandmother at 10:30am, January 28th (Tuesday) and informed me that a delivery guy was at the gate.

Before signing the delivery receipt, being careful, I opened the box, with the help of the delivery guy, I tested the NEW Microwave Oven first. 😁
Put a cup of water and hot water in seconds!

I really felt I have won something this New Year of 2014! So, many thanks to HANABISHI Philippines, Mr. Ronn Villanueva, and to all the staffs of their company that made this possible!


*It took me a week to write this, I was focused on posting food reviews at looloo for a week* ☺️


2 thoughts on “Thank You! HANABISHI Home Appliances Philippines (January 2014)

  1. Good morning,

    I am Alfredo Recaido,4th year student from DeLa- Salle College of Saint Benilde. Can I ask if how can I make an appointment for an interview with the Marketing Head of Hanabishi, because my industry analysis would be the 4 P’s of Hanabishi Irons.
    In pursuance to pass my thesis subject we will come up to know more about the Marketing Strategies and others of Hanabishi Irons.

  2. After read this above post i must say that HANABISHI Philippines is really good to provide their best services. At this time customers need the best services from the Sellers side and you guys done exectly that.

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