MAX’S RESTAURANT (San Mateo, Rizal 2013)


MAX’S Restaurant (San Mateo, Rizal 2013)
67-69 Gen. Luna St.
Baranggay Ampid I,
San Mateo, Rizal
Telephone No.: 234-5491
Friday, 20 December 2013

After a turtle-paced 3-hour Christmas Holiday Traffic from Resorts World to San Mateo, Rizal. We were  hungry when we arrived past 8PM. My mom suggested MAX’S because there’s no prepared food at home. 

MAX’S MENU (link)

HOLIDAY 4S featuring Crispy Pata (P799) including Sizzling Tofu (my ever MAX’s favorite), 4 iced tea, 4 cups of rice



PANCIT CANTON (Regular) P162.53 (minus the senior citizen’s discount)


Regular Chicken (half) P165.47
(minus the senior citizen’s discount)



Welcome back, VINCE! And thanks for the homecoming dinner with the family.


TOTAL P1127.40 (minus the senior citizen’s discount) We did not finished the crispy pata because we’re already full. This was good for 5-6 people.




One thought on “MAX’S RESTAURANT (San Mateo, Rizal 2013)

  1. like your restaurant very cozy and foods are delicious esp. your fried chicken… sana your hiring senior citizen how i love to be part of you….

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