Café de Coral 大家樂 (CKE Shopping Mall, TST, Hong Kong 2013)


Café de Coral 大家樂
36-44 Nathan Rd.
(Shop 2307, CKE Shopping Mall),
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong
January 2013

Café de Coral BRANCHES all over Hong Kong

It was probably my 5th day in Tsim Sha Tsui when we dined in here at Café de Coral. I have been walking the streets of TST, checking every malls nearby Chungking Mansions. Only to find out that this is the perfect fastfood for me. Fastfood branch in CKE Mall doesn’t feel like a fastfood at all, it has a quiet ambiance, nice comfy chairs and tables, great for chatting with friends or loved ones, PRICE is very reasonable – in short the cheapest by far compared to other fastfoods I’ve been to with this kind of setting. I’m just so happy. While writing this, I think I wanna go back in Hong Kong very soon..

Café de Coral (CKE Mall Nathan Road TST)

REMINDER: I believed they have selected branches that offer free 20minutes of wifi. Instant upload in FB, IG, or Twitter.

Look at the price! just HK$37 x (5.11) complete meal with drinks

Their menu vary from time to time.

Cheap isn't it?!
I'm so happy!
Steamed Rice with Spare Ribs and black beans + choice of beverage HK$36
Plain Chicken & Roast Duck w/ rice + choice of beverage HK$37
Chicken Wings not sure if it's HK$8/piece
Delicious meal
I wanna go back for this!
look at the background, better than any fastfood in HK
Café de Coral my favorite fastfood in Hong Kong

Just check their website for Café de Coral branches near you!


8 thoughts on “Café de Coral 大家樂 (CKE Shopping Mall, TST, Hong Kong 2013)

  1. You can also try Maxims and Fairwood.. Almost the same price range and ambiance… Slightly different menu for variety… So you dont need to eat cafe de coral everyday on your holiday in Hongkong 😉

  2. hi ,
    we went to hk last june 1 to 4…i was able to browse your blog and read about this cafe….I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU for bringing this up to your blog….i had noodles with oversized sotanghon hahahahah…the milk shake with beans…..but it was our last day and my wife wanted to eat dimsum near parkes st………in jordan… your blog is very informative……i pray to GOD to give you good health lots of money so that you can travel more and bring information to us in the future…bought tickets to saigon next year and cross broder to cambodia hopefully if you have a very useful info on these countries….thanks

    1. I got goosebumps upon reading your comment. My heartfelt THANK YOU!

      I only went to HANOI, VIETNAM on 2012. I have food blog about their cuisine. You may check VIETNAM on this BLOG.

      Again thank you JONATHAN!

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