A3 Food Shop A3食館 (Mody Road, TST, Hong Kong 2013)


A3 Food Shop A3食館
Shop 10, G/F, 28 Mody Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
January 2013

That night, I’ve been walking for 3 hours straight, in every streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. Familiarizing myself with the cheapest streetfood, fastfood, etc. I was all by myself for 3 days and it was hard to buy food that cheap in Hong Kong without someone to share the bill. So my eyes popped out instantly upon seeing a HK$28/noodle. Most of the noodles here costs HK$35 up. It’s also hard to communicate asking for Beef Wanton Noodles (my favorite), sometimes their menu is written in Chinese so I walk past that stores.

A3 Food Shop address
In front of the store
the reason why I chose this store, HK$28 and easy to understand photo
Super Soup Noodles HK$28 (x5.11), delicious broth, love every toppings
Hot Milk Tea HK$10 (x5.11) - smooth, great for cold night)
The very few menu with English translations



Before and After (the soup was good for 2)

ORDER: Super Soup Noodles HK$28 + hot Milk Tea $HK10 (I didn’t asked the staff for the special price of HK$6, it would be difficult to communicate than pay the extra HK$4

TOTAL: HK$38 x (5.11) = P195

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