French Baker and Tokyo Tempura (Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Philippines 2013)


G/F Sta. Lucia East Grandmall,
Phase 3 Marcos Hi-way,
Cainta, Rizal;
Tel No.: 681-5134
April 9, 2013 (Tuesday)

One hot summer afternoon, I called up Western Appliances Sta. Lucia Branch inquiring if they have an available aircon model that I’m looking for a couple of days ago. The appliance centres near our home were either out of stock or no such models. After I heard the other person on the line, saying “yes we have a last stock available”, I hurried to get ready. I asked my brother to assist me and he obliged. (My siblings are scared of me by the way lols!)

We were so hungry and found this tempura stand called TOKYO TEMPURA and tried it first.


I ordered the 9 pcs. shrimp tempuras BIGGU for P99 ($2.40) We wished they put something on the flour so we could really appreciate the shimps. Flour was over-powering the over-all taste. Just OK!


Then we checked all the restaurants in the mall, but, FRENCH BAKER stands out. It just pulls me back & remembered my college days by just seeing the restaurant.

Our orders, weren’t smooth serviced. I mean, I was served with a dirty water, and it took us 35 minutes to have one of our 2 orders. BUT, all the fuss were clearly erased, once I had my first taste of the SEAFOOD ALA KING. So heavenly good. I felt I was transported somewhere else in that moment. You tend to forget everything!


SEAFOOD ALA KING P205 ($4.97) heavenly good, a must try! You won’t regret it.


BEEF LASAGNA P165 ($4.00) just a burnt sides but very delicious, creamy and love the melted mozzarella cheese.. Yummmmmy!




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