Jack’s Loft, Red Box, Tides, & Serenitea {Beers, Videoke, & Milkteas} (Quezon City 2013)



Quezon City

2013-March-17 (Sunday)

My friends called me in a boring Sunday afternoon. Asking if I wanted to meet them at Trinoma. I had second thoughts because I don’t want to over used my funds. I’m glad they said they’d pick me up over and that meant I’ll join them! hahaha

We hangout first at JACK’s LOFT to have some beers while waiting for our scheduled VIDEOKE at RED BOX.

I long forgotten to drink beer, because I’m after for the health benefits of red wine, and beer makes me full. My friend reminded me that San Miguel Beer Premium reminded her of the black beer we ordered at LEGEND BEER in HANOI. So beer it was! I was amazed of its smooth tastes. And after 1 bottle I felt tipsy!


Before 4pm, we headed over to RED BOX. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared but I definitely enjoyed the VIDEOKE. This was our usual thing to do. Sing!


RED BOX www.redbox.com.ph we took the 4PM-6PM “JOE HOUR” Promo P149/head Includes room plus 1 free drink. We ordered San Miguel Cerveza Negra. Spot on!

Next stop? TIDES GRILL & BISTRO Sct. Alabano, Q.C. www.tides-grill.com
It was past dinner and kinda hungry from all the beers. We ordered the usual “pulutan” but makes you happy everytime you have a sizzling plate of PORK SISIG & NACHOS on the side plus one rice for sharing. The night was all about good “conversations”. Great way to catch up with life.


To cap the night, instead of coffee, we ended up at SERENITEA www.iloveserenitea.com .


Finally, with all the establishments, Serenitea has a free WIFI. That’s what I’m looking for when deciding to hangout. I ordered this refreshing Honeydew Matcha Milktea P95 but 75% sugar was alittle sweetness overboard. So I’d make it 25 or 50 on my next order. I know beers and milkteas don’t complement each other so don’t ever try this! Hahahaha

Great way to hangout on a SUNDAY night.


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