{Buffet} Seoul Garden (SM City North Edsa – Annex 1, Quezon City)


Seoul Garden @ SM City North Edsa
Unit ax1 225-226, The Annex 1, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City


February 25, 2013, Monday

It was late afternoon and my friend canceled our meet that day, I hurried to go to the mall because our internet was down, just to find out that SM North The Block (except outside the mall area) was down also. I was about to eat dinner at Burgoo restaurant because their food was appetizing and they have free WIFI. But, then I went out the mall and checked the other restaurants. When I was so hungry and my wifi got connected to their ANNEX mall, then SEOUL GARDEN was there welcoming me. Honestly, price was a bit higher for their available selections. Their free WIFI was my main consideration when I chose to have my dinner here and probably their helpful staff. And there were few groups dined in that night. Good for me.

The Salad Bar


Dorry Fish (I was happy with this!), Squid, Shrimps, Clams, Mussels (For HOTPOT & Grill)


Different kinds of Noodles, Veggies, Fishballs, etc. (For HOT POT)


Prepared Foods while waiting for your Shabu-Shabu or Grilled foods


Rice, Tempura area (sad to say NO Shrimp Tempura – a BIG let down)


my FAVORITE (HALO-HALO!), and area for Sliced Fruits (few choices only)


Different Sauces


MY PLATES.. I can only eat what my stomach can handle.






Over-all: I wasn’t impressed with their food selections. Their PRICE was almost the same as SAMBO KOJIN at EASTWOOD CITY but Sambo Kojin was top notch. Their staffs were helpful and attentive to your needs so good job for that. Free flowing of drinks (included in the price). Fast wifi.

For their PRICING :

with taxes included I paid P630.00 ($15)


(first time to use WORDPRESS on ANDROID S3 & photos taken from S3)


15 thoughts on “{Buffet} Seoul Garden (SM City North Edsa – Annex 1, Quezon City)

    1. @erika – not yet. But will surely note that one on my next visit at a Korean Restaurant. I will also travel in Seoul Korea next year you might want to suggest best Korean Streetfoods.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Hope to hear from you soon..

      1. I also love Korean foods, been to yoogane way before and just recently before this crazy weather. they have a lot of new dishes in their menu. would love to visit again to try the other dishes

      2. What are your recommendations Kent? I’m not really familiar with Korean food. I just bought a voucher from CashCashPinoy at Bulgogi Garden in Quezon City.

        Thanks for dropping by!

      3. I’m actually new to Korean Cuisine. I bought a voucher from cashcashpinoy for Bulgogi Garden. You may want to suggest the Korean dish?

        Thanks for dropping by!

      4. best dish of yoogane is their dak galbi and add a mozzarella cheese on it, real authentic korean dish. a MUST try!

  1. Hi! i want to work here as a food attendant,will you please hire me, i can speak korean nor love korean foods.. please email me

    1. Oh hi there @Jerran! Im sorry to inform you that this is not Seoul Garden’s website. You may refer to the contact numbers indicated on this blog so you may contact them directly.

      Good luck on your job hunting!

    2. Hello there @Jerran!

      Im so sorry to inform you that this is not the website of Seoul Garden. You may want to check their contact numbers indicated on this blog for you to directly call them.

      Good luck on your job hunting!

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