New China Yan Yan Guesthouse (Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 2013)

January 23, 2013

D2 & D7, 9/F Block D,
Chungking Mansions,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong

They call their hostel or guesthouse, hotel. 


A “New China Hotel” sign going to D7 reception.


New China Guesthouse Rooms, there’s a refrigerator near the reception.


Automatic washing machine, hot water & free mineral water.

ROOM F a double bed, washroom + h&c shower in 1, side table, a small tv [with only 1 english channel], provides towels  (I found one piece of hair! Ewww!)


Double Bed! I remember the hospitals when I saw this bed.


A side table. Handy. With two-220W power supply.


That’s the washroom and the shower area. 2-feet from the bed. Un-hygienic!


Fairly cleaned tiles but exhaust fan’s full of black dirt


The Hot and Cold Shower and cold water lavatory


Old Aircon. I got scared when I saw the black dirt inside, decided to turn it off on first night.


The FILTHY Window. I changed my sleeping side, I got scared of the white looking molds. I started to think about my health.


Another DIRTY part of the Window.


A small cable TV. just 1 English channel, not much channels available.


A map showing Emergency Escape Plan. asking for what purpose? See the next photo.


Maybe because of this. After elevator exit, you’ll see an open window showing this. It was night when I took the photo.



Find the infamous CHUNGKING MANSIONS


Upon entering the building, turn right on the first intersection, then left, FIND the Block D Elevators at the right side, even numbers are on the left and odd numbers on the right. New China Guesthouse is on the right elevator. [There are blocks in Chungking Mansion, you may ask the guard at the lobby near the elevator, you’ll get confused. I did!]


Hostels and Guesthouses per floor Very helpful!


Don’t worry they’ll give you 2 keys (1 for the room and 1 for the reception door)


I wanted to look for another room. Cleaner room I guess. I don’t like the filthy window. And I feel like I’m in a clinic. Hahahaha!

Thru we got the 1 double room for 2 for P2,024 (HK$387.45). This price fluctuates (lower or higher) depends on agoda’s. If we’ll NOT stay for 8 days, we’ll probably be in STANFORD HILLVIEW HOTEL you can get a double room for P3,500/night. A real hotel with reception at the lobby. We need cheap price, and we got New China Yan Yan Hotel.

as of January 30, 2013 (SUMMARY)

We stayed at room F for 8 days, we got used to the mold in the windows, used the dirty air-con, used the lower beds for our gigantic luggage & bags, they have no microwave to re-heat your food, I just gave our take-away to the man who guards the hostel (they are very nice tho), the place is very safe, with CCTV. Noises in the morning due to people talking in the hallway or in the reception area, and around the building itself. Bed is a bit hard, body aches in the morning. We did not used their towels, we brought our own towels, bed sheet, and pillow cases.

I will recommend their double-bed-plus-single-bed room for same price of their double bed. I saw it! It’s spacious, fairly clean, comfort room is far from the bed area, big for 2 people. If you have budget get it instead of the small double bed room.


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