Magellan’s Cross (Cebu City, Philippines 2012)

Magellan’s Cross
December 7, 2012 (Friday)

Santo Niño,
Cebu City

From our hotel, CROWN REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS, we rode a jeepney (I apologize, I didn’t get the code number) at the other side of the street. You can actually ask anyone for instructions and they will help you the best way they can. It’s safe and Cebuanos are approachable. The guy calling for passengers guide us to a specific jeepney and we safely sat near the driver so it will be easy to ask him for questions.

We only paid P7.50/head ($0.18/head) on a 20-minute ride. I was shocked that it’s not that far from our hotel and I was happy we didn’t get any Tour Offers from our Hotel. We walked 5 minutes and headed first to BASILICA DEL SANTO NIÑO.


MAGELLAN’S CROSS is just adjacent to the Basilica Del Santo Niño. You may visit it first or vice-versa.


me and my brother

We were offered candles by “ladies in red and yellow” for P10/candle and they will say the prayers aloud and on a dancing gestures you just have to simply give your name. Prayers can be for you family, your health, anything, I just have to believed them. You can also have a solemn time for yourself and for your own prayers. 20130111-155125.jpg

Colegio de Santo Niño


“Prayer Ladies”


The Cross of Magellan


CITY HALL, In front of Magellan’s Cross




7 thoughts on “Magellan’s Cross (Cebu City, Philippines 2012)

  1. It looks really nice. I would always prefer seeing a piece of my country’s history over other places. I envy people like you who get to explore the Philippines.

    1. Thanks Reggie! I know you and your fam are gonna travel the Philippines soon. Good thing is you’re already settled and it’s easy to travel back in the Philippines.

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