RAMEN BAR (Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City 2012)


December 18, 2012

The Hub, Greenfield District,
(formerly Edsa Central)
Mandaluyong City

I just checked my photos in my phone and decided to post I almost forgot this one.


I was informed by my former officemate that it just opened a few weeks ago (December 2012). I was about to go to Mandaluyong City that day to pick up my medicine orders. Being a December celebrant, I decided to treat her for dinner.

Ramen Bar staffs gladly help us explain their menu. I am not a Japanese Ramen fan (tho I love Japanese ebi tempuras and tuna & salmon sushis) that’s why I need a little help from them.

We picked R.B.S. 1 P380 ($9.30) I forgot what I ate during mid-afternoon, I was almost full when we ate dinner. Did not fully enjoy the experience of my first “authentic ramen”. I wanted to try this also thinking that I will travel JAPAN this year (2013), but plans have changed. Moving on..


and CHEESE GYOZA P180 ($4.41) I know I will have difficulty eating this because I am not a gyoza fan. Ended up taking this batch at home as take-out.


They also have FREE wifi.


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