The Famous TABO-AN MARKET (Cebu City, Philippines 2012)

December 7, 2012 (Friday)

Pahina Central,
Cebu City

You can give yourself a good one-hour to check all the stalls and learn how to haggle. In my point of view, I am not a good haggler. I have a list of what to order in hand and one of the ladies found out where my hotel was. I believed that was their signal to up the prices a bit probably a P20-30/kilo.

We went first to Basilica del Santo Niño, Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro before headed to the famous market for dried fishes. We rode a jeepney just across the street from the Magellan’s Cross. You can asked any Cebuanos, they’re friendly and willing to guide you. That’s what we did. Tourists! hehe

It’s a 10-15minute jeepney ride with no traffic on a Friday afternoon (4PM). We checked first the stalls so I would know where will I buy my orders.

The Front View (Right Side) clean and lots of choices


The Front View (Left Side) clean and lots of choices


Entrance area when we went there there were few people buying “pasalubongs” so we took our time there.


One of the stores where we bought our “pasalubongs” has fast wi-fi connection and we’d able to post and endorse their product. They have friendly staffs and they will pack your orders into 100g, 250g, 500g to 1Kg in a sealed plastic for FREE.


The famous DRIED DANGGIT P470 ($11.44)/Kilo I know this was pricey on December. They said that it’s not yet season but I have to believed them or else I will leave empty handed. Just learn to haggle for the best price. You can lower it up to P450. I just have no skills. Hehe!

DRIED DANGGIT P470 ($11.44)/Kilo

DRIED PUSIT (SQUID) P600 ($14.61)/Kilo I should have ordered more! When cooked it’s crispy and tasty.

DRIED PUSIT (SQUID) P600 ($14.61)/Kilo

DRIED ESPADA P300 ($7.30)/Kilo just bought 1/4Kilo. I just wanted to try and buy one of each.

DRIED ESPADA P300 ($7.30)/Kilo

FISH TOCINO P400 ($9.74)/Kilo only bought 1/4Kilo

FISH TOCINO P400 ($9.74)/Kilo

FISH TAPA P300 ($7.30)/Kilo just 1/4Kilo of it

FISH TAPA P300 ($7.30)/Kilo


Philippine Brand DRIED MANGOES 3pcs for P100 ($2.43)

Philippine Brand DRIED MANGOES 3pcs for P100 ($2.43)

PEANUT KISSES 7pcs of 20g P100 ($2.43)/pack “these chocolate hills mountain shaped cookies came from Bohol but you won’t regret buying because it’s really an alternative snack and I haven’t seen these in Manila”.

PEANUT KISSES 7pcs of 20g P100 ($2.43)/pack

SUGBU OTAP P45 ($1.10)
actually this was just an add-on to my orders. Instead of P45 ($1.10) I got this for P35 ($0.85). And when I went back to Manila I hated myself because I only got one! And I should have buy more, more, more!

SUGBU OTAP P45 ($1.10)

This sealed pack of different dried fishes was our FREE from our list of orders


A TOTAL OF P3,000 ($73.05) weighing a total of 8 Kilos  better to know how much weight so you won’t need to problem on your baggage allowance at the airport.

We hailed a taxi in front of the Market and it’s a P70 ($1.70) 20-minute ride to CROWN REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS.

Please Remember: bring some clothes with you if you have other plans after buying at the market. The smell of the dried fish will stick on to your clothes and skin.  So try not to buy before heading to the airport. Promise you’ll stink and now I know why they call people “Amoy Danggit”!


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