Salo-Salo SuTuKil (Mactan Island, Cebu)

December 6, 2012 (Thursday)

Salo-Salo SaTuKil

Punta Engaño
Mactan Island,
Cebu, Philippines

We arrived at 5:30am at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, a one-hour-and-ten-minute plane ride from Manila. Took our time first at the airport because it was too early. By 6:00am we hailed a white taxi to Punta Engaño to visit Magellan Shrine and Lapu Lapu Shrine. It was a 30-minute taxi ride and costs us P130 ($3.16). It was good idea to read blogs first before traveling to one place. That’s the time I learned about SuTuKil restaurants. It was just in the vicinity of the Park where the shrines were situated.

SuTuKil {grilled (SUgba), stewed (TUwa) or raw (KILaw)} restaurants are at the left side before entering the park. The famous Manna Sutukil was still closed at early morning. So we have no choice but to check the only open restaurant, Salo-Salo Sutukil.


Me and my brother were not that hungry but we have to try seafoods in Cebu. We were first asked what kind of method of cooking we want for the shrimps. I like shrimps with garlic, but I heard something that changed my mind. Good thing the staff suggested the sweet sauce.

Here are our orders:

1/4-kilo of Shrimps in sweet sauce P180 ($4.38) {you can’t go wrong with shrimps, good for 2}


and the P60 white rice {best complemented the shrimps, it tasted that it’s just been harvested, and i like its texture, good for 3}


To be honest, we really enjoyed the shrimps. I could have ordered an extra seafoods but we were only 2 and I am almost full. We didn’t finished half of the rice and saved it for take out.

We were just slightly dissapointed when the bill came.


Before we ordered, the price of a 1/4 kilo of shrimps cost only P120 ($2.92) but it indicated P180 ($4.38). I don’t want to ruin my Cebu travel so I didn’t pushed myself to changed it back to P120 ($2.92). They also add a table charged of P45 ($1.10). Don’t know where that came from. So, reminder: don’t make the same mistake I had.

Total Amount: P345 ($8.40)

They have a great view of nature. It’s still low-tide early 7AM.




6 thoughts on “Salo-Salo SuTuKil (Mactan Island, Cebu)

    1. I read alot of blogs but didn’t find any receipts or price problems. I only read about beware of the add-ons but no exact amounts given. That’s the reason I asked alot of questions before ordering BUT still it happened. Oh being the “first-timers” mistakes. LoL! It was good thing that I enjoyed our Cebu Trip that I forgot the slightest problems we encountered.

      Btw, thanks for your comment.

  1. Been coming to Cebu for 40 years & happy to report that have rarely been “ripped off” but unfortunately still live & we’ll at sutukile. Make sure you establish the full price before ordering including “COOKING CHARGES”don’t get caught, better still don’t eat there

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