Bigoli Ristorante, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Eastwood, Quezon City)

2012-November-24 (Saturday)

My cousin, Din & I, decided to meet at Budgetlane at 5PM. We took a taxi going to Eastwood City. We paid P200 ($4.87) but coming from San Mateo to Eastwood City with a little traffic it’s P180 + P20 tip. We headed towards the Cinema Ticket Booth to watch the last part of Breaking Dawn paid P251/ticket ($6.11) prices vary on different cinemas. I didn’t told my cousin that I already watched it online. The difference was it’s only a cam-copy so I didn’t appreciate the special effects. Moving on, she bought a large fries and mc float and I ordered 6nuggets, regular fries & drinks value meal for P128 ($3.11) at Mc Donald’s.

We were just in time for the 6PM showing. The best part of the movie was not the special effects — looks fake, not the additional characters, not the story. But the last song “A Thousand Miles”. It’s the heart-felt side of the movie. I was teary-eyed holding back my tears. The movie ended at 8PM. Our cousin, Gerard texted us that he was already at Onion Blue waiting for us.

We hangout near The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for free wi-fi connection. I still have a nasal-drip for 10 days now, and I know if I bought frappe I will suffer for the consequences. Decided to order Genmaicha Hot Tea P110 ($2.68) a brown-rice tea the cashier told me it was their best-seller. I didn’t know it was the green tea with brown rice which I’m not a fan of. More than suffering from my nasal drip I suffered from it’s taste & smell. I still drink it tho, I don’t to waste my P110! Lols. My 2 cousins ordered at Starbucks for the planner promo. I envy them both. I really missed cold drinks!


It was 10PM, when Gerard wanted to have a snack. I was already thinking of eating at Restorante Bigoli and have their unlimited garlic breadsticks! I asked them P50 each ($1.22) and I’ll pay the rest. In 2 weeks, it will be my birthday, and it’s my way of an advanced treat for them, sorth of.


I ordered, Garden Salad P65 ($1.58) greens with slices of cucumber, tomato, stips of carrots and a separate salad dressing, Ultimate Beef Stromboli P140 ($3.51) a soft-rolled dough with beef and bacon bits inside. Best eaten when served hot with a dipping sauce. Tour of Italy P180 ($4.38) a sampler of lasagna, bolognese spaghetti, and fettucini alfredo. I love the sauce of the lasagna pasta it has more meats inside. Spaghetti is not al dente. Fettucini alfredo was not that creamy.

They hinted they wanted to order more, I oblidged on ordering 3 kinds of pizza slices. Supremo Slice P90 ($2.19) it’s great that it has veggie & meat toppings. , Cheese Slice P65 ($1.58), kinda cold when it was served, so I didn’t appreciate the flavors of the cheese, Pizza Bacon Slice P80 ($1.95) I like this one also!.

Din, who ordered the pizza, told me they had an on-going promo. Every P500 “single” purchase, there is a free gellato stick. We tried to avail, but we had two-separate receipts. “Rules”.

They also served a refillable freshly baked garlic breadsticks. And they also has a non-password wifi which is good for like us, who loves taking pics and posting it on facebook, twitter, or instagram.

We, called it a night at around 12:30AM. Gerard drived his way home and we hailed a taxi which costs us P160+P20tip ($4.38) a little lower because there’s no traffic at midnight.


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