Bulgogi Brothers (Greenbelt 5, Makati City)

2012-November-17 (Saturday)

A Korean BBQ Restaurant
Level 3, Greenbelt 5
Telephone: 621-6216, 621-5289

8AM. I woke up at around 8 in the morning (not my usual wake up time) to prepare for our meet at 11:30am. Yes, I “normally” give 2 to 2 1/2 hrs preparation time before my standard travel time. Let’s not go into details but in short it’s all about my hair. Hate it! Haha!

My friend, Romina, sent me a message that we’ll meet at 12nn. I understand her situation being a busy mother it will be hard for her to leave her precious one to go out of San Mateo and travel all the way to Greenbelt Makati . So our friend, Marge called from her office asking where we were. I told her to call Romina and ask her that I will wait for her anytime just for us to push with our hangout. Then came 2PM. Hehehe Romina texted that she’s ready to go. Waiting time is over and I don’t mind. I will adjust for them because it will be the first time for us three to meet and hangout in Makati, being friends since high school.

2:30PM Having a hard time waiting for the FX, we hailed a taxi from San Mateo to Cubao. It took us an hour ride and for just for my record P210 ($5) cab ride to Cubao. Paid by my dearest friend. We headed to MRT Cubao but waited for 15mins in a long line to get our tickets P12/person ($ 0.29/person Cubao to Ayala Makati). And another 15minutes MRT Cubao to Ayala Station. Almost there. We entered and walked three malls (SM Makati, Glorietta, & Landmark) heading to Greenbelt. Yehey Finally!

4PM. We finally saw Margie waiting at Fully Booked Greenbelt and headed to Bulgogi Brothers. We are starving! Hahahaha


It took us a while before deciding what to eat. And I leave it to the two. It’s Margie’s treat for her advanced birthday on the 24th of November. Last year 2011 I remembered we were at Sumo Sam’s Trinoma.


(sweet corns, sweet potatoes, quail eggs on a brown wooden plate; spinach salad in a separate plate; fermented eggplant, radish, and kimchi on a 3 separate small saucers
We enjoyed the spinach salad. I like the sweet spicy sauce which is tasty and best partner with the un-yang bulgogi. I only tried the kimchi & the salad for me to enjoy the main entrees.


2) Bulgogi Brothers Special P 1,495.00 ($36.94) a combination of uncooked meats on a platter
(Un-Yang Style Bulgogi
(the heart shaped bulgogi) and Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi (stripped meats cooked in a special sweet sauce

As part of the restaurant’s service, a service-staff will cook the meats in front of you on the table’s built-in induction cooker. First cooked was the onions and sweet potatoes without oil and the heart-shaped beef patty or the Un-Yang Style Bulgogi. Cooked to perfection. It tasted just a regular beef burger patty but in a cute heart-shape meat. I ate it with rice and/or with spinach salad.

Un-Yang Style Bulgogi


Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi

I love the sauce of gwang-yang bulgogi best eaten with rice. This tops my list. Meat was tender, sauce was a little sweet, perfect partnered with the Dubu Steak or crispy fried tofu.


3) Haemul Doenjang-jjigae seafood soybean stew Php395 ($ 9.50) filled with fresh tasting shrimps, crab pieces, mussels, and served with complimentary free white rice. Rich flavored stew with a little after taste spicy kick.


4) Dubu Steak 6pcs. Php245 ($6) fried crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce. I am a tofu fan and this I like with the sweet teriyaki sauce. Tasted bland without it. Margie has a stub for this so we got this for FREE


5) Drinks
Iced Tea Lemon (non-refillable) with calamansi garnish Php75 ($1.80)
Raspberry Tea Mint Php150 ($3.60) Refreshingly good! do not forget to ask for their complimentary TEA, I wanted to ask but stayed with my iced tea lemon


Here we are happy with our food choices and full after the free birthday treat of Margie.


It was nice being with friends again. The normal talks over merienda meal. Totally awesome! Thanks to the birthday girl, Marge the one in the blue stripes.

Photos were edited using piccollage, and edited using iphone4s in iOS while watching Twilight and New Moon.


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