{Buffet} YAKIMIX Trinoma (Quezon City)

4/F Trinoma Mall,
Quezon City
2012-October-26 (Friday)

posted on October 29, 2012 (Monday, 3am)

October 26, Friday, was my grandmother’s 74th birthday. I had planned this for a month but I felt that I have failed in someways. First, her sister, my other grandmother, suggested also a buffet restaurant on a much cheaper price than Yakimix’s. I turned down her proposal in a nice way because I was thinking the location was pretty far from our place. It will be a hassle for us, family of seven (my brother who is in Dubai working) to travel from San Mateo, Rizal to Ace Hotel in Pasig City. And also, after out lunch I had planned to let the birthday celebrant enjoy the day in Trinoma Mall.

We were first in the reservations table. Upon seeing that we only have one no-smoke grill, I was slightly dissapointed because we were seven in a long table so we had difficulty sharing the grill.

With 2 grandmothers, with cooking & restaurant background, they have commented that the food taste was just normal, nothing special. It was filling, but we were looking for a much better taste. For me, there were just few food that I enjoyed in Yakimix Trinoma, a letdown from their branch in Mall of Asia (I enjoyed everything there!).

It was a holiday so the price per person costs Php620 ($15) we were 7 including the 2 senior citizens with 20% discount. The TOTAL costs after our meal was P4,242.86 ($103). In the Philippines, this is already pricey. For regular family like us. I just really want them to try Yakimix, a buffet restaurant.

I wanted to have a big celebration for my grandmother’s birthday, but, I can only accomodate my family & her older sister. I felt bad for this.

After the buffet lunch, I rented a wheelchair in the mall (this should be free), and we headed to LANDMARK, a department store. I’ve been wanting to buy my grandmother new blouses but she’s kinda picky. The wheelchair had gave her legs ease of long walks. That’s the reason she enjoyed finding the right clothes for her. (I asked my brother to send a couple of pesos as his birthday present, that’s the clothes we bought).

VIKINGS, a buffet restaurant,in SM Marikina has a birthday promo. So me and my grandmother has a separate date together on Tuesday, October 30th. I will only pay for my bill because birthday celebrants of October & November are FREE!

Can’t wait because in Vikings there’s a Chinese cuisine that my grandmother will surely enjoy.


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