Manda Centrale (Greenfield District Mandaluyong City

Mayflower Parking,
Greenfield District,
Mandaluyong City
opens every Wed, Thu, Fri at 6pm-to-3am
2012-October-25 (Thursday)

posted on 28-October-2012 (Sunday, 5am)

I visited my former office to get the medicines I bought (on a discounted price) for my grandmother. That day also was their last day for the week because of a long weekend (October 26, Friday, has been announced as Holiday) . And, there was an Employees’ Birthday month. So, timing to visit Greenfield District (my former everyday walkway to the office for 7 years) again for me not to waste time & money. San Mateo, Rizal to Mandaluyong City is more than an hour commute ride. But I’m not complaining. I’m used to this.

At Manda Centrale they were offering lots of food choices. I cannot enumerate all. But here are some photos of me and my former co-league enjoying the food with our friends.

Mio Gelati mint, pistaschio, strawberry flavors Mint taste like Andes Chocolates my favorite but my friend told me it tastes like toothpaste — funny! 🙂 I was dissapointed with pistaschio, tasted bland, if you happene to taste paper more like that.


SkewU Angus Skewer Php95/stick ($2.30) Php 125 ($3) with rice melts in your mouth, but, my former officemate doesnt like the satay sauce (peanut sauce). I wanted to eat rice tho but we were trying from different stalls.


most of our orders that night but I didn’t get the chance to take photos of all the food we ordered.


Will I be back? Definitely, yes! Aside from I always visit my former office every end of the month, it will be fun trying another food options from different stalls again. I can’t wait!



For better looking photos & complete list of tenants, you may refer from the blog of the co-founder of MANDA CENTRALE, Mr. Anton Diaz.


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