{Buffet} Kangaroo Jack (Araneta Center, Q.C. 2012)

Araneta Center,
Cubao, Quezon City
(02) 352-6838
Buffet: Mondays to Fridays 12nn-8pm

2012-October-24 (Wednesday)

I have a scheduled double header PBA Games at the SMART Araneta Coliseum. It will be a little cheaper if I try the eat-all-you-can offer by Kangaroo Jack for the price of P199.00 Net ($4.82) See photo above. instead of buying a burger and iced tea inside the coliseum, which will costs me, almost the same.

To be really, really honest, I only enjoyed the Iced tea (bottomless, Nachos (lots of tomatoes & onions), and the Banana fritters (with chocolate dip). I ain’t saying I don’t like the other menu, but, I like my food a little hot. They have problems with their heater affecting the supposed-to-be-more delicious menu.

my plate sorry for the mess


Another batch of Nachos


The Banana fritters i’m talking about


BottomlessIced Tea


my bill


This week all I’m thinking about is my food travels. I missed the tastes of this, the tastes of that. On Friday, October 26th, it’s my Grandmother’s 74th birthday, and I wanted to celebrate it with our family, in a Buffet environment. I know old people shouldn’t eat more than they can, but I know, they also would like to remember eating a cuisine that they would normally not cook. So see you,YAKIMIX Trinoma on Friday, AND, my date with my Grandmother at VIKINGS SM Marikina on Tuesday, October 30th.


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