High School friends old-school hangout #SCAID


2012-October-23 (Tuesday)

The other day, I went out to do some itineraries at BPI Bank, and, before heading home, decided to re-load my phone. (Yes, I don’t have postpaid plans). I’m more of wi-fi based internet user, or whatever. Haha!

Sent few messages to friends that who are not frequent, Facebook or Twitter users. That lead to a Tuesday meet with my two high school best friends, Romina and Janice, both Mommies.

I dropped by Romina’s office first before we meet Janice in the near-by Mc Donald’s with her daughter, Rhian.

Had a quality talk with them in the van that will drop us to Romina’s home. Her partner saw us and decided to order food, kindly check the photo above . I’m still smiling while writing this, because I really wanted pizza and mojos! hihihi..


When you have 2 kids (Janice) and 1 baby (Romina), it’s hard for us to spend our quality time in a restaurant or a mall. But then again, this is us, we really just spend time talking about anything, especially, they have no time to tell their lives via text messages, or via unlimited call, why? Because they were both busy taking care of their precious ones. 😊

I was kinda relieved/de-stressed (I didn’t go out literally from our house for 2 weeks prior this. A decision I made to keep myself from unexpected expenses hehehe will not do it again anytime soon!) by just talking to them. Comparing our lives now, after high school, what was happening now and our future plans.

I just hope we have more “this” but then again, I am the only 2 single (no kids yet, but wishing and hoping) left in our group.

Meet baby Joelle, Romina’s baby 🚼


Time for me to sleep. It’s already 4:45am and I have a scheduled Gateway Mall stroll, Kangaroo Jack eat-all-you-can, and a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) games to watch at Araneta Coliseum, today, Wednesday, Alone ☺


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