The Chocolate Kiss Cafe (UP Diliman)

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe
Ang Bahay ng Alumni,
R. Magsaysay St.
UP Diliman, Quezon City
2012-September-8 (Saturday)

posted on September 28, 4:21am, raining & can’t sleep yet..

Me and two of my highschool friends attended a baptism that day. And after the luncheon, we weren’t decided where to go. Then along the way we ended up in University of the Philippines in Quezon City. We parked my friend’s car and decided to take a coffee. Because we’re still full from the luncheon. But ended up ordering the following.


Sansrival Php80/slice this is not my order. But I wanted to take a small bite but upon seeing my friend enjoying her piece I just wish I had ordered one 🙂


Chocolate Kiss Suite 4 squares for Php95

Kahlua Butter Cake and Carrot Cake I am clearly not a fan of cakes, but, my other friend suggested to try these and I obliged. I’m still full and I just want to have a bit size food. The choices are:
· Devil’s Food Cake
· Carrot Cake
· Dayap Chiffon Cake
· Kahlua Butter Cake
· Orange Chiffon Cake
· Prune Cake
· Quezo Chiffon Cake

These were the two available flavors. So we didn’t get the chance to taste the other cakes.

Iced Cappuccino Php85 i wanted a drink to perk me up.


The Chocolate Kiss Cafe: WEBSITE



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