Nuat Thai (Riverbanks Branch, Marikina City)


posted on September 12, 2012 (Wednesday) while watching replay of TMZ on ETC ch.9.

Riverbanks, MARIKINA City
2012-August-30 (Thursday)

This was the same voucher I bought from ENSOGO for Php125 ($3.00). I went there alone because my cousin wasn’t available. I decided to get the 3PM schedule so I won’t be having difficulty waking up early. Went there 10minutes before three. It was not peak hours so I was scheduled on the dot.

They will clean your feet first with a warm water.


Then off to the room. Here, rooms are just divided by curtains. They will give you a loose shirt and shorts. I just put it on top of my shorts and shirt.


Uncomfortable to use a pillow when having a back massage. Some spa uses a massage bed with face hole. In Riverbanks branch, just a simple bed with pillow and thin blanket.


A testament that Thai Massage is best fits my body rather the oil based Swedish Massage. My body needs bone streching and I don’t want any oil in my body. This was my second time in Nuat Thai and I am not that choosy in terms of massages and spa. For Php125 I don’t need to ask for a high quality service.

They also offer customers a free water or tea after the 1-hr massage. You have a choice if you want a female massage therapist or masseur (male).


NUAT THAI, Riverbanks Branch
Landline No.407-2338

NUAT THAI Branches


One thought on “Nuat Thai (Riverbanks Branch, Marikina City)

  1. Your massage is disgusting comment of the snow creme owner coz your using coconut oil and egg white in your massage parlor, Yikzzzz…:@

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