Johnny Abarrientos (Reyes Gym)


posted on September 12, 2012 (Wednesday) whew! I’ve been hibernating from wordpress in a while. hopefully, i’m back because my activities will piled up for sure!

REYES GYM, Mandaluyong City
2012-September-11 (Tuesday)

To everyone asking who the hell is in this picture and why he was featured. For 18 years, I’ve been dreaming of this day! I’ve been an Alaska Aces’ fan since 1994 and he, The Flying A, Johnny Abarrientos was a great influence. I still remember watching him play in an international competition, running from court-to-court with his speed. From that moment I became an instant fan! I still remember how I cut clips of his pictures and buy posters from magazines. Hehe!


He is now currently working as an assistant coach of my most hated team in the PBA, San Miguel Coffee Mixers (formerly BMEG team). Evil Laugh! Hahahaha!

*I forgot he will be in the Reyes Gym on that day. I was just planning to watch a tune-up game between Alaska Aces and SMC Mixers (BMEG). Then upon checking their bench I saw Johnny and got excited to have a picture with him. Best day of my life as a sports fan! Thumbs up!!

Johnny Abarrientos’ Retro Alaska Jersey. I got the picture from JC Intal’s Instagram account. And I envy him! I need to recreate this Jersey in size 16. So I can wear it during PBA Games. Hehehehe..



2 thoughts on “Johnny Abarrientos (Reyes Gym)

  1. idol ko din si flying A…. WISH KO DIN SOMEDAY MAGKARON NG PHOTO WITH THEM like jolas,bong hawkins,jeff cariaso… yong mga alaska dati and now abueva… thumbs up.. wala pa din tatalo sa alaska… congrats sa alaska vs.ginebra….

    1. Wow! Thanks for dropping by.

      He was the reason why I became an Alaska fan since ’94. And this was my very first photo with Johnny A. And I was speechless and starstruck the whole time. So, better prepared kung sakali magka-chance ka magpa-pic with him. I felt like I was back in HS days remembering all his moves during Alaska days.

      I wish you good luck and I do hope na magka chance ka rin magpa-pic with your PBA Idols!

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