Jatujak, Asics, Chatime (SM North & Trinoma Malls)


posted on September 12, 2012 (Wednesday) done my chores this afternoon, I love the weather, Sunny!

4/F SM City North EDSA
The Block, North Ave.,
Quezon City
2012-September-2 (Sunday)

I asked my brother to come with me to pick up the microwave at the appliance center in SM North. When we arrived, we went to check the microwave first, test it, and leave it again. So I can check on store sales and eat dinner. Smiles!

Went to the stone-throw mall, Trinoma Mall to check on stores and sale.

Ok, I love SM Malls for its Mall-Wide FREE WI-FI and Trinoma for its strategic locations of shops. What I hate about SM North? Restaurant’s have service charge of 5%.

I’ve been checking on shoes and finally decided to have an all-in-1 shoes. I can wear it as a casual shoes that won’t hurt my soles (sorry converse chucks but you never fail to gave me feet and back aches when I do my malling), this will be my “walking” shoes for exercising (if I feel to, most of the time I don’t get enough exercise), I can join a Run (if i have the will to wake up early for a friendly competition).. In short, a standby shoes for my activities. Hello HK on 2013!

ASICS Gel-Fluent 4 lightning/brush/storm size 6 1/2 Sale price Php3,400 ($82)


Back to Jatujak..

Bagoong Rice Php160 ($3.86)


Tom Yum Shrimp Php195 ($4.70) my grandma who was a former cook and still cooking up to now, hates sour food, and she hates this! I’m biased, i just need a different taste and this soup balanced my longing for the taste. Weird? In short, this is just ok with me. I haven’t been to Thailand so I don’t know how food in Thailand tastes.


Catfish Salad with green mangoes Php195 ($4.70)


A new reminder from Quezon City SAVE THE EARTH! Bring your own plastic or bring your own bags were already implemented since the start of September.


We ordered Banana Cocoa Milk Tea Smoothie Regular Php80 and Matcha Red Bean Milktea with pearls Large Php100 before going home.


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