(VIDEO) Puerto Princesa, PALAWAN Blue Waters 2007


posted on August 31, 2012 (Friday) can’t sleep yet…

I posted yet another 2007 memorable video from our travel at PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN. This video was taken after our UNDERGROUND RIVER TOUR I was showing the blue and clear water and the boat we rode during the inter-island tour.

I am posting this videos because I am eager to travel the PHILIPPINES again. Experience the white beaches, blue waters, tours, different style of cuisine that differs from Manila. It just happened that I will be a solo traveler then. sob! sob!

For discounted travel tours, I always check and buy at ENSOGO.com.ph I am a member since this year and I have to be a member of METRODEAL.com soon! But during our Palawan tour we got it from PALakbayan by PHILIPPINE AIRLINES but quiet pricey back then.

I will be filing soon a visa applications for my planned 2-country travels. Which one I pass I’ll go first. This will be for next year, if my papers will be in order and need to fund my bank for it.

For my desperate move, if I failed both, I will spend my whole time travelling the PHILLIPINES and I am excited to do that!

Puerto Princesa was featured in a blog by Vagobond Website.

P.S. I will be celebrating my birthday in CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES on December and I can’t wait for LECHON and TABOAN MARKET for dried fish.

Good night to me. I’ll not stop day dreamin’


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