Mc Donald’s (McDo) Happy Bundle and Twister Fries

posted on August 27, 2012 (Monday) National Heroes Day and a regular Holiday throughout the Philippines

Mc Donald’s, Philippines


Few more weeks before the end of the Happy Bundle Promo, so I asked my youngest brother to go to the nearest branch in San Mateo, Rizal. Instead of calling the Mc Delivery Hotline Dial 8-mcdo! I understand that it would be difficult for the driver because our street road is under maintenance and it could cost me additional Php40 ($ 0.95) for the delivery instead of Php16 ($ 0.37) lol!

The Happy Bundle A TAKE OUT! I ordered 2 BigMacs and 2 Double Cheese Burgers, 4 regular Coke Zero, and 4 regular fries Total Cost Php495 ($11.73)




DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER I should have ordered Big Macs for it’s bigger size and more greens.


NUTRITIONAL FACTS I posted it not to scare anyone. But to remind me that fast food is not for regular consumption. I know I’ll be eating a
Lot of sodium but hey! I take daily dose of FIBRE. I ain’t health buff who excercise a lot. But I do read health stuffs online.


medium FRIES


the visitorTWISTER FRIES Php58 ($1.37)


MC DONALD’S Philippines

Mc Donald’s MENU

Delivery Hotline Dial 8-McDo or 8-6236.

Pa-pa-rap-pap-pa.. Love ko to!


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