Ma Mon Luk (Quezon City) 2011

posted on August 23, 2012 (Friday)

Quezon City

I remebered I had my eye LASIK done on this day. We were not supposed to eat here but because of street build up, we decided to park and have a little snack.

our Order i don’t remember the price and the menu from Ma Mon Luk


Mami and Siopao i believed these are their best sellers. Just a reminder to add condiments for the mami soup. It tastes a little weird at first w/o the pepper, a little fish sauce, etc.


Pancit this is a little saucy, tastes good. I think I like this together with the fried chicken rather than tha Mami and Siopao.


Fried Chicken tastes like spring chicken, love how they cook it, flavorful ala MAX’s



Address: Doña Josefa, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 712 3560


5 thoughts on “Ma Mon Luk (Quezon City) 2011

    1. I had a good laugh before bed time. 😁 Yes, it was safe there. My phone was used to take photos of me and the food. 😉

      Will surely visit your blog!

      Thanks for the visit 😊

    1. @BBOOKS – thank you for the invites but I am not well verse in terms of explaining things. I do apologize on that. That’s why most of my blogs consists of photos more than words.

      Hope you visit my blogs more often for Philippine related restaurants, foods, and travels.

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