Mexicali (SM North The Block)

posted on August 20, 2012 started to rain again

SM North, The Block
2012-August-18 (Saturday)

Menu Page 1

Menu Page 2

Mexicali SM North, The Block


Enchilada ground beef w/ rice and salad Php 195


Soft Tacos tenderloin steak Php 195 Dissapointed w/ the portion of the soft tacos i should have ordered burrito


Mexicali Tacos (solo) Php 119 added spice from the jalapeños


Good for 2, filling & satisfying.


The Bill Php 509 plus service charge Php 25.45 [dissapointed w/ their service. after serving our meal, they never extended help, we asked for the condiments but never came, I’m just glad my brother was there to assists me]TOTAL Php 534.45 ($ 12.60)


Will I return to Mexicali? Not in the next few months. If and when I crave for a Mexican food, maybe, just maybe?


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