SATURDAY activities at The Block and Trinoma MALLS

posted on August 19, 2012 Sunday aftie. Loving the weather.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Me and my KL travel buddies had planned to meet for a coffee. I remembered I had to bring the defective microwave to the service center. Same mall. I asked my youngest brother, Renzo, to help me out. He’s darn reliable and seldom complain of anything ask from him. Favoritism 😄

We had a smooth ride from San Mateo to SM North, The Block. We don’t ride taxi but as a normal commuters in the Philippines, jeepneys we ride. We were drop off by our dad by a tricycle to the jeepney hub. Waited for Philcoa signage jeepneys. Paid Php 50. Driver gave Php 16 change. The last time I remember it was only Php 16 from Ampid to Philcoa, additional one-peso now.

We’re supposed to ride an FX-airconditioned vehicle from Philcoa to SM North. But we saw another jeepney. Paid Php 8 each. Cheaper by just Php 7 each if we ride the air-conditioned FX.

All-in: Php50 ($1.18) for 2 from San Mateo to SM North-The Block.


Dropped by first to the SM Appliance Center for the microwave oven. It’s already a back-job of same problem. It was like 3 days we used the microwave oven and it was not heating again. The Hassle! 😡


Then we strolled the mall after, my brother at the background


Sky Garden




Marge texted and she said she’ll leave Italiani’s, she had her lunch at Trinoma Mall. So we headed to there as soon as I received the message. ☺

North Bridgeway to Trinoma Mall




Trinoma Mall


MRT last station Trinoma Mall


SM North & Sky Garden view from Trinoma


the Link Bridge


It’s the start of the long weekend, so expect a lot of people flocking all the air-conditioned malls plus it’s the start of the mall-wide Sales 😁


At Italiani’s Trinoma


Marge had taken her lunch already and we met to transfer all our photos from our recent KL Trip. She did renew her Italiani’s card and for her freebie she treated us for a delish pizza. Thanks! 😉


I wasn’t full yet but was craving for a milk tea. I was torn if we buy at Gong Cha for larger sized ‘large cups’ compare to Happy Lemon’s. But the nearest to us was Happy Lemon. I love all milk tea shops so no problem with me.


Happy LEMONS! Matcha w/ Adkuzi Bean for me and Cookies and Cream Milk Tea for my brother.


We stayed in front of Italiani’s for, ahem!, free wifi! 😁 Trinoma mall is not like SM Malls with mall-wide wifi hot spots. Trinoma only has specific free wifi hotspots near their concierge so I had to be mall-smart.

After our refreshing and filling cup of milk teas, we window shopped and checked out sports stores, shoes and botiques.

I found this cutie-green wedge at Payless Shoe Store. I am not the kind of person with a shoe collection. I admit, I wear flip-flops, easy to use and doesn’t hurt my feet for long walks. This beauty is so comfy that I will start wearing her for my future mall-walks.


Found this RCBC Credit Card booth inside the department store of Trinoma. Hesitated at first but I was only required 1 ID. Not bad! I never liked credit cards because I pay in cash or ATM for ALL my transactions. I’m not an excessive shopper because I only buy what my budget can buy. But now, being one of the unemployed citizens of the Philippines, travel was now part of my future plans, I will need the credit cards for requirement purposes. Weird life, eh?! 😉


Will have to wait for 3 weeks for approval. Cross-finger.

After checking the watch section, we headed back to SM North-The Block. Checked on their fast-food restaurants and decided to eat at Mexicali.


Ordered Enchilada ground beef w/ rice and salad Php 195, Soft Tacos tenderloin steak Php 195 and Mexicali Tacos (solo) Php 119. Dissapointed w/ the size of soft tacos i should have ordered burrito. This complete meal already was heavy & filling for 2 people. Good and satisfying dinner.


To cap my Saturday night, I bought this wine at Mercury Drug convenience store. Arbor Mist Merlot Blackberry Php200/bottle. Just a glass for the night.


Have a great life everyone!


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