Bigoli and Bourne (Eastwood City)

posted on August 17, 2012 (Friday) a bit cold even on a sunny day. my perfect weather!
This was a re-write of this blog. I was supposed to publish this after midnight but when I clicked something, to my surprised, the details was deleted. Wasted hour of editing from a mobile phone.

Libis, QC
2012-August-16 (Thursday)

6:45pm the time I arrived Eastwood City in Libis, QC from my beloved place San Mateo. Let’s not go on to that details of travelling time from a commuter’s perspective – a challenged.

Waited for few minutes for my cousin, Din-Din. She works in a company in Eastwood that’s why we decided to meet & watch a movie there. We bought 3 tickets (Php210/ticket) first before dinner. We were still waiting for my officemate from my previous work but she decided to go first to her condo nearby.

I let my cousin decide where to eat. I’m not too picky these days. I wonder why. 😊

Went to Ristorante BIGOLI Eastwood City


Tour Italy Php180
Sample Platter of spaghetti, bolognese, fettuccini alfredo and lasagna (the best taste of the 3!)


Ultimate Beef Stromboli Php140
rolled & wrapped soft dough w/ beef & cheese. I love the dip! 😌


Ten minutes before 8:10pm, I told my cousin to prepare and we headed to the Eastwood Mall to meet, Nannie, my former co-league. She will join us to a movie night. I seldom watch a movie in theatre but The Bourne Legacy was an exeption. I wanted to see the Philippines in the Big Screen! Lame reasons, eh?! 😁 Worth my time and penny! Palawan was the best shot of it all. Serene and beautiful shot at the end of the movie. Lovely! Shame on the dirty waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam.


After the movie, I was craving for something cold & sweet. We got two choices, Starbucks or Happy Lemon. I ordered my usual Large Matcha w/ Adzuki Bean Php100 from Happy Lemon. My cousin’s choice was a dissapointment. Cocoa Milk Tea w/ Cream Puff. She didn’t like it.

We hailed a taxi and headed home after.


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