Jalan Alor (KL Food Street)


posted on August 16, 2012 (Thursday)

Jalan Alor, KL
August 10, 2012 (Friday)

This past few months have been hard on the Philippines due to bad weather. I felt sorry for the families affected by the calamity. We will be back on time. Just hang in there!

We had already planned our KL travel since April of 2012. And I say, darn, we were very lucky to choose the travel dates. Great weather & no rains on our departure & arrival date back in the Philippines. That’s called, Blessed!

I have queued a lot of Philippine Restaurants for my blog and I will post just 1 KL foodtrip for now–because I have available pictures on standby. I will work on my Philippines Food trips this whole August and September because I have a lots of food trippings on October (Manila) & December (Cebu).. Oh I can’t wait!

We arrive KL around 7:30PM and have decided to drop by Petronas Tower first (a 10min-walk from Impiana Hotel).


30-minute walk from skywalk going to Bukit Bintang to have dinner at Jalan Alor


My friends checked the streets first but decided to go back in front of the street. Yes, I didn’t suggests the blogs from tripadvisor because I felt they don’t want to check on the restaurant that was festured on blogs. I don’t mind–I’m hungry!


We checked on the menu, and I decided not to conflict ourselves w/ food choices. I just let them choose our dinner. WE didn’t tried Satay (yup! They heard it’s not good. For me, i tried it in SG, peanut sauce was too strong when eaten w/ bunch of Satays. AND the one thing I didnt order the BBQ Chicken Wings. I love it when we were in Makansutra, SG and it costs in KL, MYR 5 (Php 67) for 2wings or just 2parts? I forgot.


This meal was costly & pricey for a street food. Or I am not familiar w/ the prices in KL. I am just comparing it to restaurants in the Philippines that costs less and tastes the same.


Sweet Sesame Chicken MYR 32 (Php 432) tastes good, not too sweet, complements w/ the cucumber for added crunch.

Baby Cabbage w/ lots of Garlic MYR 15 (Php 202) garlic-ky delicious, i believed greens were fresh, there were hard part like that of the middle of cabbage that you cannot eat or you need to dispose. Perfect w/ the sesame chicken


Honey Dew juice MYR 3.8 (Php 51.50) Refreshing, light tastes, blended well w/ our order, because no free water, I have to limit my sips. Hehe! I think this is in reasonable price.


Plain Rice MYR 1 (Php 13.50) nothing special, same w/ Philippine Rice

Meet the Gang the guy on the right, my friend’s brother. He treated us with dinner and he was our tour guide for 3 days. I am so thankful for his help & time.


Travelled KL on August 10 (Friday) to August 12 (Sunday).


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