Wai Ying Fastfood (Binondo)


posted on August 3, 2012 (Friday)

WAI YING Fastfood
Binondo, Manila
(not the usual ambiance & menu of Jollibee fastfood stores but don’t fret, tastes will leave you saying wow!)

I am hesitant to feature Chinese Restaurants or anything Chinese or China because of the way they bully the Philippines. Now i know why Chinese Cuisine is one of the top cuisines in the world, fresh seafoods and endangered species were catch in the vicinity of Zambales, the Scarborough Shoal but i doubt! I believed not just there but around the Philippines. (this is another story, that i will not tackle or write a story about)


Back to WAI YING, probably this food haven doesn’t need a website to endorse their product. ‘Word of mouth’ blogs will tell you how cheap and delish their menu is. An old style fastfood in Binondo, doesn’t need upgrade their interiors to ask you to eat here. You will be tempted to if you’re in the vicinity of Divisoria. A P100-110 a bowl of beef-wanton noodle, our fave here. You’ll know why! 🙂 upon checking… They’re already in facebook! hehe

Our usual Order Hakaw (Steamed Prawns), Steamed Spareribs, Sharksfin


Our favorite, Beef-Wanton Noodles good for sharing


Hakaw Steamed Shrimp dipped in soy sauce w/ kalamansi & chili


Steamed Sharksfin combination of beef & shrimps


Steamed Spareribs soft and juicy


First time to order Fried Rice filling but lacks taste or it was just me hehe


I have an obsession with milkteas! HK Milk Tea they will give you a glass of brewed tea, a cup of milk & sugar on the side for sweetness.



WAI YING Fastfood
for Map click the address below:
927 Benavidez St., Binondo Manila


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