Sambo Kojin: Eat-All-You-Can (Eastwood City)

posted on August 4, 2012 (Thursday)

SAMBOKOJIN: Grill-All-You-Can Eat-All-You-Can
Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
Eastwood City, Quezon City

Me and my highschool friend decided to try out Sambokojin in Eastwood City before heading to the movie theater, to watch Thor, i mean The Avengers. My tastebud is craving for the oil from the tempura 🙂 and i was in a happy mode after the dinner.

Click the Link for Menu
The Menu


Reservations: I called them 12nn that day, Saturday, for reservations and i’m glad they’re not full yet for dinner. We were there 15minutes before 5:30PM. People were starting to come-in. They called the lists exactly 5:30PM. We were assisted to the semi-private room. Next time i would ask for tables near the food choices. Haha! Easy access – you bet!

my Plates. I only eat what i’m missing for months. I’m a heavy eater but every buffet, i’m being challenged. Food was fresh and they refill time to time. Making sure the quality’s great.


Service was perfect, they would even as you, if you wanted them to get food for you. But i prefer to check it out myself. I don’t want to get what i don’t need, I don’t want to waste food. If need to changed the griller, you may gladly asked them to.


We are planning to celebrate my grandmother, her 74th birthday on October. A surprise one with our relatives! We’ll make it very special this year.

Drinks are separate charging

SAMBOKOJIN Eastwood City
Eastwood City Walk,
Quezon City



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