PULINGment (moment)

Cainta, Rizal, Philippines (July 17, 2012)


I had a lunch date with my granny, Puling. This came a little too late because I’ve been asking her a lot of times but she consistently turning me down. I understand why, she’s already 73, has an osteoarthritis, that’s been bugging her from long walks. And we have no private vehicle to use for travel. But I was elated when she said yes. Deep in my heart, I can take back the once promised words to my late grand mother, Catalina. I promised her before that I will take her out for a lunch or dinner but it never happened. She died a month after that promised words. And up to now, i felt heavy load in my heart. We never had special moments just the two of us. And vowed that I will do it with Puling as often as possible.



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