On my way to the Airport

June 23, 2012 joyvz.wordpress.com

San Mateo, Rizal, PHILIPPINES

3PM: Packed 3 bags for 11 day Hanoi Trip. No, i’m not exaggerating but i had to put my clothes on 1 bag, food & essentials on the other bag & documents and gadgets on my hand carry bag.


5PM: I had to asked my brother to assists me to the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) We were dropped off by our dad to the nearest transportation terminal in our place (handed him P20).

5:30PM: We decided to ride a Cubao P. Tuazon FX (a 10-passenger SUV and P35 each) ride to the nearest MRT Station (Cubao). I know it would be difficult to have a decent ride around 6PM because of the volume of passengers. But, we had difficulty finding a jeepney ride to Batasan area, going to SM North MRT.

6:15PM We arrived at Cubao area and me and my brother had to walk a little 10mins to the MRT http://dotcmrt3.weebly.com/ Station. Upon seeing the line I knew we will have a hard time there. Bought a card for P14 each for MRT Taft bound.


6:30PM We had to wait again for the train to arrive. Passengers were pushing themselves in, and i knew that we cannot ride both in the same train. So i gave my brother an instruction to get himself in and i will transfer to the women’s section for lesser passengers.

6:45PM He was in the third train and i transferred to the other side and waiting a little 10mins. Got lucky on the first train and not much passengers but no available seat-no problem with me standing up. Im used to it.

7PM: arrive at the MRT Taft station and saw my brother at one of the benches waiting for me. My stomach had been calling my attention since riding the FX. Saw the nearest fastfood KFC http://www.kfc.com.ph/, ordered snackbox http://www.kfc.com.ph/snacks(hotshots and fries) and burger and fries meal with drinks included (Total P135). Gave my brother hundred bucks for his tranpo back to our house. Yes, just a hundred because I need cash for the trip. I’ll just treat him when I get back (reasons) haha!


7:45PM I had a call from my friends asking me where i am. We were already done with dinner and headed to taxi area. Found the 3rd cab, dissaster! Driver was so slow, it was a little traffic but smooth ride. A 30min from MRT Taft Station to NAIA Terminal 3 (P148.50 paid him P150) It could have been lesser but as i’ve said he was too slow and I know why. I don’t want to elaborate on that anymore..

8:30PM arrived at NAIA Terminal 3, called my friend and asked where they were. She said to look for Gate 2 and turned left. Saw them after that. Yey!


8:40PM Me and Diane went to the Cebu Pacific line for the boarding pass. My 2 check-in bags weighted 13.3KG I bought 15KG roundtrip for (P150/15KG/flight; pre-paid and already included on my round trip ticket P5,730). The girl at the counter said we had to pay first the Travel Tax before we get the pass.


9:10PM There were few lines at the travel tax area. 3 windows open and window 2 called our attention. We gave our passport and ticket for info and gave us an info sheet first. Transfered to another line to pay the fee. We were 6th a the line and didnot encounter problem. Paid P1,620 and gave us the official receipt (1 original and 1 carbon copy).


9:20PM Went again to the Cebu Pacific counter. Gave 1 copy of the OR and she gave us the Boarding Pass with seat and flight number.


9:25PM Headed to the International Gate, handed our boarding pass and paid P550 for the Terminal Fee.


9:30PM Immigration area. I was 2nd in the line, the guy at the window called my attention. I handed him my Passport, Ticket, and Boarding Pass. Scanned my passport, and asked a few questions. I vaguely remembered ‘for what purpose’, ‘whose with you’ (i pointed out my friend at my right side and pointed straight to the other one), he saw my occupation: i wrote ‘RETIREE’. He said that’s if you already served for 20years. I said to him I had no plans of working again. He put a straight mark at the word retiree and done with the Q&As. I was hesitant to use the word UnEmployed. Ha,ha,ha!
Retiree is such a cool and proud noun. *wink*

9:35PM went to Gate 109 and after a few minutes, a voice was heard over the air and informed passenger of Flight 4J 477 to transfer to Gate 110.
Waited until the boarding time at 10. No frizz. Everyone was at the line at 10PM. Had no problem of what so ever the whole process of our flight. Boarded at 10:15 and fly we go at exactly 10:30PM (Philippines Time).


That’s called, hassle-free flight!
Thanks Cebu Pacific! (www.cebupacificair.com) and Thanks To The Weather That Day!

I am writing this during our flight. Put it first at my Note and will transfer it once i want to put it in my blog.
12:25AM end.


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