Filipino Streetfood

San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines (6:00PM)
June 22, 2012, Friday

Getting ready for dinner? No, Not me. I just ate Merienda. What? Merienda??(It’s a mid-afternoon snack; where you eat around 3 or 4pm)

There are a lot of Streetfoods being served in the Philippines. If you’re hungry you just have to walk at the next street and you can grab, eat and go!

1) Kwek-Kwek (Quail Eggs with coated orange batter)
Choices of Sweet Sauce or Vinegar with Chili


2) Waffle with small hotdog inside (yes, not really a filipino street food but one of the choices for merienda)


3) Camote Cue (sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces, deep fried with brown sugar for it to caramelized)



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